Meet the Pro Dexter puppies

In our kennel we make every effort to ensure that our puppies are provided with everything they need to grow up to be a great show dogs and household cosset.

We breed only pedigree dogs! Our kennel is registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club and belongs to the International Kennel Federation - FCI, and Yorkshire Terrier Club (NYTK)

Puppies leaving our the kennel, receive:
» pedigree NKK (!! FCI !!)
» Passport
» have a tattoo and / or ID in the form of a chip
» layette, and all kinds of help in raising baby ;)

I'm pleased to present Pro Dexter puppies have new loved owners and cozy homes:

Currently we do not have a puppies

Available puppies after our stud dogs:
in Norway after Turbo and Orton
in Poland after Cessar

More info: +47 40593767 or

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