BEATLES Black Super Star

InterCh, MultiCh, GrandCh DURRER'S Make Some Magic x MultiJCh, MultiCh, GrandCh DURRER'S Catch the Wind

Turbo came to us from Ukraine, his ancestors is 100% of the best Canadian dogs, of which 99% is amazing,
timeless and outstanding dogs from one of the most prestigious kennel in the world - Durrer's
Turbo has an amazing character, soft and calm but not without terrier's temperament :)

On his first show in life, at the age of 10 months started Champion of Norway,
only 5 months later (on the 3rd show of his career), had overcome all competitors and received the title BEST of BREED


Clinical tests

Progressiv Retinal Atrophy (PRA) - Free / Clean
Patellastatus (PL) - Free / Normal


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